Solar Shading

Used to reduce solar gain into a building whilst maximising light and visibility. This creates a more comfortable working and living environment. One of the benefits of Solar shading is the reduction in use of air conditioning. Some of our systems include the following...

  • Aerofoil
  • Fixed blade
  • Moveable
  • Sliding/Bi-fold
  • Bespoke
  • Timber Systems

Please find below a selection of the Brise Soleil / solar Shading systems that ADS can offer...

  1. Standard

    ADS offer a range of standard louvre blades that can be used for solar shadings / brise soleil purposes. Our general Sunclips system is a very cost effective solution that provides good shading and a range of profiles (as above) can be used.

  1. Aerofoil

    ADS have a range of aerofoil and box section blades that we can offer to suit the spans and the aesthetic appearance required. Above are some of our standard blades, however we are able to offer numerous different profiles and sizes from 100mm up to 620mm. All aerofoils are extruded aluminium and certain profiles can span up to 6.5m's dependent upon local wind loadings. Generally, we provide 1st fix brackets to hold the system back to the primary structure or curtain walling system, we then provide support end plates with pre-assembled blades that are angled to provide maximum shading.

  1. Quickfix Brise Soleil

    The Quickfix system uses our standard Aerofoil blades and allows the blades to be fixed in front of the support structure using a clip and fork system.

  1. Movable

    ADS can offer any of the Aerofoil / timber bladed systems complete with an electric motor and a fully commissioned control package to motorise the blades. This option gives the occupants complete control of the Brise Soleil and they can gradually open and close the blades to give the level of sun protection or privacy that they may require.

Most of these systems are available in Timber profiles. The most commonly used species are Western Red Cedar and Larch (Siberian or European), however there are many other species that ADS are able to offer: - oak, ash, lunawood, whitewood, IPE, Accoya, Douglas Fir & many other types of Glulam beams are available. Due to the durability of the Timber and the flexibility of the milling process; there are numerous possibilities for the Brise Soleil profiles. 

All of our Brise Soleil systems are independently checked by a structural engineer to ensure that our designs are suitable for the application.

Please note that this is only a small range of the most commonly used Brise Soleil systems that ADS offer. We have many more systems from numerous leading manufacturers that we are able to offer to meet certain specifications.

For further information on how we can be of assistance to you & your business please contact us.

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