Smoke Ventilation

The Summit Student accommodation at Eastern Boulevard in Leicester is instantly recognisable on the city's skyline.

ADS designed, supplied, installed and commissioned our natural smoke shaft system to the central core of the high rise scheme. Our 1.0m2 free area smoke dampers fix into the 1.5m2 free area natural builderswork smoke shaft and terminate at roof level at our roof mounted louvred ventilator. ADS also provided a 1.0m2 free area smoke ventilator at the head of the stair along with a full 24v control system including panels, MCP's, breakglass units and electrical wiring.  

In addition to the high rise, we also provided mechanical smoke shafts to the lower blocks. These blocks have a three phase control system powering smoke extract fans into a smoke shaft. The system works on pressure differentials between the corridors and the stairs with replacement air coming from the head of stairs smoke vent / access hatch.


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