Smoke Ventilation

ADS designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a mechanical smoke ventilation system to the three staircore lobbies and the Car Park fume / smoke Ventilation system to the basement area of the new residential development at Easterngate in Cambridge.

The 3 No. mechanical smoke shafts were dual purpose and provided day to day natural ventilation utilising the 0.6m² builderswork shafts. They system was controlled by local temperature sensors and thermostats to allow a comfortable internal environment. The system was overridden by the smoke ventilation system and the smoke extract (confirmed via CFD analysis) provided the required ventilation to keep the escape routes and the stairwell clear of smoke. The run and standby fans were mounted at roof level along with the 1.0m² head of stairs louvred smoke ventilator.

ADS also provided the Car Park ventilation system at Easterngate. This system comprised of 8 No. jet fans that pushed fume and smoke to 2 No. dedicated extract points in the car park slab. These extract points terminated within the residential courtyard areas so careful consideration was made for the location of the fans, attenuation of the system and extracting above head height via 2 No. ventilation towers within the courtyard planters and landscaping. The system is controlled by a master 3 phase control panel and has CO detection to run the system at 3 & 6 Air changes per hour for fume ventilation and the system ramps up to 10 Air Changes per hour when overridden by the fire alarm interface or the local override switches. 


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