Project Updates - 28-07-2015

Here is an update of the projects that ADS are currently involved with or have recently completed...

Architectural louvres:

Nice Pack, Wigan - Vinci - Over 450m2 of high performance, architectural louvre systems to the new packaging facility. ADS are providing our 'Class A' single banked weathering louvre system to the large plantroom areas.

Stephenson Quarter, Newcastle - Gallifordtry - We have recently completed numerous louvres, screens and solid steel doors to the new Hotel and car park development in Newcastle City Centre.

Selfridges, London - Warren Fabrications - We have a contract to provide numerous architectural louvres and screens to the latest extension / refurbishment to the famous central London store for Warren Fabrications.

Teesside Universty - BAM - ADS have provided the architectural louvres along with the smoke ventilators required to the new Teaching & Conference building. We have included numerous 75EXL louvres along with a galvanized steel screening solution to the impressive university building.

Brise Soleil / Solar Shading:

Scottish Power HQ, Glasgow - Laing O'Rourke - We are currently contracted to provide the roof level Brise Soleil / plant screening system that comprises of aerofoil blades and we are also providing head of atria smoke ventilators.

Ulverston Health Centre, Cumbria - Summers Inman - Due to excessive heat gains experienced since the original building was handed over, ADS are providing a retro-fitted Brise Soleil system using aerofoil blades to shade the occupants.

Smoke / Natural Ventilation Systems:

Premier Inn's, London - Sharpe Group - ADS are providing natural and mechanical smoke shaft systems to numerous Premier Inn developments throughout London. Systems generally comprise of mechanical smoke shafts with dampers, smoke rated extract fans and natural head of stairs systems.

North Tyneside Care Homes - Gallifordtry - ADS are currently providing numerous head of stairs AOV systems that generally comprise of local control panels, break-glass MCP units and chain actuators fitted to provide 1.0m2 free area. We have completed numerous schemes throughout the area in both refurbishments along with new build developments. ADS are also providing zoned systems with natural ventilation overrides for the 1.5m2 free area end of corridor situations.

Stephenson Quarter, Newcastle - SES - ADS have provided an atrium smoke extract system to the hotel building along with a mechanical smoke / fume ventilation system to the car park. We have included for fully commissioned systems including smoke rated extract fans, impulse fans, CFD analysis, all sensors, control panel, mimic control panel, override control panel, electrical wiring and commissioning of the systems.

Nissan, Sunderland - Sir Robert McAlpine - Earlier this year, ADS commissioned and handed over the pneumatic smoke ventilation system for the Trim / Chassis & The Body Shop extensions. ADS provided roof mounted, natural louvred ventilators, pneumatic pipework, compressor / receivers, control panels, electrical wiring and commissioning of the systems.

The Glassworks, Newcastle - Malones - ADS are currently on site installing the natural smoke ventilation systems to 5 new student accommodation blocks in the east end of Newcastle. Our systems comprise of dampers and articulated door openers into smoke shafts, louvred windows to ventilate lobby areas, roof mounted smoke ventilators and full control systems.

1 & 2 New Ludgate, London - Skanska - We have recently completed this significant development in central London. This scheme is a large commercial development for Land Securities and is located next to the Old Bailey. ADS supplied, installed and commissioned 4 No. mechanical smoke shafts along with head of stairs natural smoke ventilators.

Sheffield Hallam University - BBESL - ADS are providing a mechanical smoke shaft solution to the new teaching building. Our system comprises of smoke dampers to the firefighting lobbies, smoke extract fans, fire rated ductwork, pressure sensors, control panels, electrical wiring and a head of atrium natural ventilation control system.

Blandford Square, Newcastle - Integral - We are on site installing the natural 1.0 / 1.5m2 AOV smoke ventilation system to the Blandford Block, along with a mechanical smoke shaft solution for the Westgate Block. This student accommodation scheme is in the centre of Newcastle and is one of many student accommodation schemes that ADS are currently providing in the North East.

The above schemes are just a snapshot of the current and recently completed contracts that ADS have been involved in. It is fair to say that we are very busy at the moment and we are very hopeful of some other significant orders in the coming weeks.

In other news, ADS are delighted to welcome Sean Hedley to ADS Ltd as our new Electrical Supervisor. Sean brings a wealth of electrical expertise to ADS and will be overseeing our electrical installations and commissioning of our systems.

ADS have also recently purchased 5 new vans for our fixing teams...


As you can see, some of our engineers are very happy with their new vans!


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