More Project Updates - 27-11-2015

We have been very busy here at ADS and we are hoping for another record breaking year.

We have increased our installation teams to meet a much higher demand for smoke ventilation and louvre solutions.

We have noticed a significant increase in the amount of mechanical smoke shaft projects in which we use smoke rated extract fans through a 0.6m2 (generally) builderswork smoke shaft to mechanically draw air through from the smoke logged corridors. We model these systems though CFD analysis to detemine that the system works as intended.

We are currently working on mechanical smoke shaft systems at...

Blandford Square student accommodation in Newcastle through Integral. This system comprises of twin smoke shafts to an extended corridor to act at extract and inlet dependedt upon the side of the corridor that the smoke is detected.
Elwick Road Extra Care facility in Hartlepool through McNally & Thompson. This system is a 3.5m3/s smoke rated (300 degrees for 2 hours) fan set extracting through smoke rated dampers into each fire fighting lobby. We provide pressure sensors and we allow the head of stairs ventilator to act as inlet air for the system.

We successfully handed over 4 No. mechanical smoke shafts in the centre of London for Skanska at Ludgate 1 & 2, and we have completed numerous mechanical smoke shaft systems for Sharpe Group for numerous central London Premier Inn's.
We have also increased our smoke ventilation order book with significant contracts at Easterngate residential accommodation in Cambridge, Bracknell Regeneration scheme, Nissan XL Press line in Sunderland and the new IKEA store at Reading.

We are still very busy with natural smoke solutions that generally comprise of end of corridor / head of stairs AOV's which are controlled by our new CE certified / EN.12101 pt. 9 & 10 tested control panels that integrate a battery back-up to provide 24v dc to the smoke ventilation equipment. This means that the system is failsafe. We have completed numerous Extra Care Home schemes in the North East of England through Gallifordtry which include head of stairs natural systems with local breakglass controls.

We have also noticed a significant increase in the amount of Architectural louvre projects that we are currently involved with...

In particular we have completed numerous roof level screening louvre solutions, some of which include...

Statoil - Plot 7 at Prime Four in Aberdeen for Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd. This contract includes numerous roof level screening louvres at 100mm picth using the 100SL system and low level ventilation plantroom louvres with integral access doors.

Motel 1 Hotel in Newcastle for Kier. This project also involved our 100SL screening louvre system to this very central and tight site to screen the roof level plant in this historical area of Newcastle's Bigg Market.
We have also picked up numerous contracts including 3 No. large screens at Barnet College in London, louvred screens / louvred turrets and louvred enclosures at Scottish Power HQ in Glasgow.

Please feel free to contact ADS for any of your Mechanical Smoke Ventilation or screening louvre enquiries... - 0191 4911069


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